Should My Mole Be Removed?

Moles are classified as a skin growth. They form when pigmented cells cluster together. A majority of people have between 10 and 40 moles, on average. Most of the time, they appear during childhood and adolescence. You may wonder, though, if you should have the mole removed or not. Dr. Michael Braden of Braden Dermatology of Comfort, TX, has the answer!

Most Moles Are Harmless

A majority of moles are harmless. They won't cause any pain, itching, or discomfort. They are usually benign, meaning they're not cancerous. In most cases, our practitioner will not recommend you remove a mole. 

Some Moles Are Cancerous

Some moles are malignant or cancerous. They can damage your skin tissue, cause unpleasant symptoms, and even spread to internal organs and bones. In these cases, our practitioner in Comfort, TX, will advise you to have the mole removed to prevent it from causing any further problems and spreading. 

Some Moles Are Precancerous

Common moles are unlikely to turn into cancer. However, if you have an unusual-looking mole, such as an asymmetrical one or one with an odd border, it's more likely to turn into cancer. 

With a precancerous mole, it means the cells have changed but have yet to turn into cancer. At this point, our practitioner will recommend you have the mole removed to prevent it from turning into cancer. 

You're more likely to develop a cancerous mole or blemish if you have 50 moles or more. We take this into consideration when we recommend the removal of any mole. 

Removal for Aesthetic Purposes

A dermatologist from our practice wants you to know that you can have a mole removed by choice. If you're self-conscious about a mole, a dermatologist can remove it. You don't have to be bothered by the mole. 

Know It's Not Invasive

While a doctor can help you determine if mole removal is necessary, you should know the procedure isn't highly invasive. 

During the procedure, our practitioner will apply a numbing agent around the mole. You won't feel any pain there as a result. The physician will then either shave or cut off the mole using a surgical scalpel. Keep in mind that our practitioner will not use a general anesthetic for the procedure, so you won't have the risk of side effects. This procedure also has no downtime, which means you can go back to living life as normal.

Some moles need to be removed, while others don't. Only a professional like Dr. Braden of Braden Dermatology of Comfort, TX, can tell for certain if you should remove the mole for non-aesthetic reasons. 

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