When Should I See a Dermatologist for My Moles?

If you need an evaluation for moles and dermatologist care in Comfort, TX and the Texas Hill Country, Dr. Michael Braden at Braden Dermatology can provide the proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Living With Moles

Many people have had moles for as long as they can remember. Their moles are simply a part of them – a part that seems so normal, they don’t think twice about them. The good news is that most moles are non-cancerous, so there’s nothing to fear with them. 

Unfortunately, some of them are linked directly to cancer and can be deadly if not detected and treated early. How do you know the difference between those that you should worry about and those you shouldn’t? 

Signs to Keep An Eye Out for With Moles

To be perfectly safe, it’s always best to get any moles checked by a dermatologist – even if you’ve had them for some time. This is the best way to make sure that they are not dangerous. 

Additionally, you should examine your moles yourself regularly. The following are signs that you should visit your dermatologist.

  • New moles appear, especially when you’re an adult. 
  • Existing moles change in color or shape.
  • One half of a mole looks different than the other half.
  • One mole has various colors, such as different shades of brown, tan, red, white, or black.
  • Your mole begins to ooze, bleed, or itch.
  • A mole becomes scaly, tender, or painful.

Moles and Dermatologist Visits in Comfort, TX and the Texas Hill Country

When you visit Dr. Braden at Braden Dermatology, you’ll get a thorough evaluation of any moles you might have – regardless of how long you’ve had them. If any seem potentially dangerous, a biopsy will be taken. If it’s found to be cancerous, it can be removed and – when caught early enough – should be completely treatable. 

Remember that early detection of moles and dermatologist treatments in Comfort, TX and the Texas Hill Country are always the best way to prevent more serious complications down the line. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Braden at Braden Dermatology today by calling (830) 995-3376.

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